What’s New in Social Media Marketing in 2023?

What’s New in Social Media Marketing in 2023?

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important for businesses to reach their audiences and promote their products and services. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the latest trends in social media marketing for 2023 that businesses would do well to keep up with. From new features on established platforms to emerging influencer marketing strategies, we’ll cover all the vital updates you need to stay ahead of the game. So, let’s dive in and discover what’s new on the world of social media!

1. Brands that have an engaged social media community will emerge as the winner in 2023

2023 will be a watershed year for brands who lay the groundwork for a vibrant online community. Despite what many may think, creating content isn’t the only component of an effective social media strategy; it’s important to engage with your followers and build relationships as well. Recent research suggests that 90% of marketers understand the importance of community-building and thus plan to focus on this facet in 2023. As far as which platforms are the best place to create such an audience, Facebook and Instagram seem to be favourites among social media professionals. Our suggestion is to find out where your existing fanbase is so you can concentrate your efforts there first, before expanding into other mediums.

2. Short-term video content will prevail

The increasing popularity of short-form video content over the past few years is undeniable. With platforms like Reels and Shorts, brands are able to quickly engage their target audiences in an entertaining and concise way. This appeal has led businesses to invest more heavily in shoppable ads and other experiments with video content on these platforms. In the future, it’s likely that users will see more personalised videos tailored to their interests, location, and behaviour. As algorithms continue to evolve with the needs of users, short-form videos could become even more widespread and varied. Brands should take advantage of this trend now to reach their public better than ever before.

3. LinkedIn to become more than just a “Job Portal”

Since its launch in 2002, LinkedIn has come a long way to become the world’s largest professional networking platform. It started out as merely a job portal, but it’s since grown into an all-encompassing tool used for connecting with potential employers, networking, building brand awareness and generating leads. LinkedIn currently boasts over 740 million members worldwide, making it an ideal hub for business professionals to interact, dispense their knowledge and collaborate with similar minds. In the last year alone, LinkedIn has made noteworthy advancements to its advertising technology in order to give businesses more exposure on the platform and help them broaden their customer base. With these improvements, companies everywhere now have ample opportunity to get their name out there and further increase sales.

User Generated Content will build trust

Organizations are beginning to understand the value of implementing User-Generated Content (UGC) in their marketing strategies. From product reviews to social media posts, customers are offering unprecedented amounts of content related to brands. Additionally, UGC offers companies an opportunity to leverage customer creativity and loyalty in order to achieve a more genuine and engaging image.  The tendency for consumers to create and share brand-related materials is predicted to grow steadily in the future. Social media platforms have made it easier than ever before for users to participate in this type of content creation, so it’s likely that UGC will become an increasingly important part of marketing efforts by 2023.

Social Search will be game changer

 Recent studies suggest that as early as 2023, consumers will be searching for brands more frequently on social media than search engines. Currently, 24% of consumers between 18-54 prefer using social media platforms to find what they’re looking for, with 36% in the Gen Z range preferring this method. For brands, it’s important to consider how to better optimize their profiles in terms of social media searches. Social media marketers recommend a few easy steps such including relevant keywords and hashtags in posts an bio, having easily recognizable usernames, and having consistent usernames across accounts. These simple changes can dramatically improve your chances of being spotted by potential customers through searches.

BeReal on the rise

In late 2019, the photo-sharing program BeReal made its debut. Its defining feature was that users had to post one unaltered, untouched picture per day to a select group of friends. This simplicity and originality propelled the network to notable popularity by 2022. The mobile app quickly earned almost 30 million installs and is easily one of the most popular social media programs, according to recent metrics from October 2022. These statistics could be attributed to an increase in “What is BeReal” queries seen on Google Trends from mid-2022 onwards.  As such, marketers should consider making this new platform part of their 2023 campaigns for optimal effectiveness. After all, it’s essential to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media in order to reach today’s audiences successfully.

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